Top 5 Best Personal Finance Books For Beginners || Help to Gain Financial Literacy in 2022

Top Best Financial Books to Read in 2022 It Included Basic Investing Books. These books will help you to gain financial knowledge.

Top 5 Best Personal Finance Books For Beginners in 2022

In the given list, we have shared some personal finance books which will help to understand money.
All books are suggested by our own research. In the list, we have added Zero to Advance level books hope you like it. 

Top 5 Best Personal Finance Books For Beginners in 2022

What do we understand with personal finance?

Personal Finance is the management technique that is used by an individual or Family performs to budget their expenses, Taxes and Savings. Taking into financial risks and future life events

Here we discuss some of the best books on personal finance

Books will help you to understand the concept of money. So you can easily manage your money by your own and Avoid too much expenses.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review Summery Conclusion
In this book, Robert T Kiyosaki shared his experience of having two dads. And Both the dad's think differently.

This will share some glimpse of Thought In our society, Every person has their own viewpoint about money Some people think money is the cause of every problem. And some people think money creates the problem

Both statements are true, it depends from person to person.

"Keeping money is harder than making money"

Many people go broke in some years. Because they do not know how to keep the money

Some Key Points

1. Wok On Your Skills: The author wants to tell you should upgrade your knowledge according to the market demand or trend. It can be Soft and Hard Skills.

If want success in your corporate career these skills are:

Must have skills 

Understand the cash flow 

Understand people 

Understand system

And try to build a team who are better than you and work with them it helps to upskill.

2. Don't be afraid of taking risks

We have seen many people who don't face their problems and get broke. Because people are afraid of losing what he/she has. People take decisions out of fear. Broke people are afraid of taking risks. But rich people are willing to take more risks. Because they know the fact that all the opportunities lie across the risk.

3. Create an income source

Don't depend on a single income. There are many ways to create an income source. it will help you to grow your money faster and then you can create another one and so on.

 Some common income sources

Property investment




This is my personal favorite book I ever read and I refer to everyone to start their financial journeys.

2. Why They Didn't Teach Me In School by Cary Siegel

Why They Didn't Teach Me In School  by Cary Siegel Review and Summary

About Author:

The creator, Cary Siegel, is a resigned business chief. Subsequent to acquiring his MBA from the University of Chicago, he started his vocation with Kraft and proceeded to lead a few organizations in showcasing and deals before resigning quite early in life at 45. Since retirement, his energy has been to teach individuals of any age about the significance of powerful cash the board.

In this book, you will learn beyond spending and saving. 

We know most of us are earning, spending and saving. But here this book comes in. It will help to grow your money by using some simple techniques of budgeting and investing to grow your money faster.

Some Key Points

  1. Road Map Of Your Final Goal

In this, you have to decide your final goal and break it down into small and achievable goals. It will allow you to achieve your final goal. 

Because our brains work in peace and as you can say stepwise. So divide your work into small pieces and see the magic of your efforts.

  1. Clarity About Your Goal

You must have clarity on what you are expecting in your life and plan accordingly.

  1. Invest Your Increased Income

Let's suppose you are working in a company called XYZ. It will allow you to earn 30,000

And your annual appreciation is 30%. It means you get an extra 9000 every year. So in that case you can just put this money into MF or Stock. It will help you to grow your money repedally 

  1. Budgeting

Budgeting is the most important aspect of our financial management. You should budget your income and your expenses. So you can analyze which is your strong side. If it's the income side then it's great. But it's your expense so be aware maybe you are in heavy trouble

3. Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins
Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins Review And Summary

About Author :

Tony Robbins is an American creator, mentor, speaker, and humanitarian. He is known for his infomercials, workshops, and self-improvement guides including the books Unlimited Power and Awakens the Giant Within.

 In this book, Tony Robbins interviewed many of the best investors of our time And condensed their best advice into this book.

Tony Robbins is a firm believer that, In order to succeed in anything, You need the right role models”.

Legends Such As Carl Icahn, Paul Tudor Jones, kyle Bass, and Ray Dalio.

Tony Robbins Interviewed all of them before writing this book.

Some Key Points

  1. Climb The Mountain Of The Freedom

In this statement, the Author said there are some stages of financial freedom


Financial security: Is achieved when you have built a portfolio, Which can support and pay for all the necessities in your life such as Food, Clothes, and utilities.

Financial Independence: Is Reached When your passive income can support your current lifestyle.

  1. Reaching the Peak Faster (Goal)

To Start your financial journey, You must make the decision to no longer be only a consumer. You must also be an owner or an investor.

This is how anyone with the right guidance can climb the mountain mentioned before.

  1. Save More: It's not about what you earn, it's about what you keep.

  2. Earn More: Focus on your earnings so you can save more.

  3. Reduce Fees & Taxes: In the short term it didn’t mean much but over time its impact is huge. So focus on saving Taxes and extra & unnecessary fees.

 3. Investment :

      Investing is the most important part of our life. It will allow an extra income source and allow to grow wealth also. But in investing diversification is important here is a famous quote

    “ Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”.

4. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey Summary and Reveiw

About Author :

David Lawrence Ramsey III is an American individual accounting character, public broadcast host, creator, and finance manager. An outreaching Christian, he has the broadly partnered radio program The Ramsey Show.

The Total Money Makeover tells you the best way to quit tolerating obligation as typical, dispense with it perpetually in little augmentations, and fabricate the monetary future you merit in seven stages.

Some Key Points

1. Make Emergency Fund

Assuming you crashed your vehicle at this moment, might you at any point try and pay the repairman in real money? In this scenario are you able to pay the full amount in cash? Because many people can't. They'd need to utilize their Visa. In the event that you believe that is terrible, consider you or your kid out of nowhere becomes ill and racks up a 100000 medical clinic bill.

This will Teaches You 2 Things
1. It's alright to handle your fund's bit by bit. You can't begin with the entirety of your obligation, speculations, and reserve funds on the double, and that is fine. 2. It gives you the certainty that you can for sure set-aside cash and assists you with moving toward the subsequent stage without worrying.

2Start A Debt Snowball, Beginning with Your Smallest Debt.

The following stage is to begin what Ramsey calls an obligation snowball. In the event that you structure a little snowball and roll it down a slope, it'll get more snow and subsequently more speed, rapidly developing into a gigantic and strong snow stone.

At the point when you take care of your obligation, you can utilize that equivalent impact for your potential benefit. List your obligations as a whole and request them by size, beginning with the littlest. Then take care of the first. That is correct, regardless of whether it's simply the extraordinary $10 for your telephone bill or some cash you owe a companion.

The more modest you start, the better. Each checked-off obligation that vanishes off your rundown gives you the certainty you really want to take on the following, greater thing until just your enormous home loan is left - however by then you'll long have the stuff to dispose of it unequivocally.

The obligation is generally your most terrible cost. Regardless of whether it's not the greatest outright dollar sum you pay every month, it is your most terrible cost since it develops over the long run. With each rating point in revenue, you owe more cash as time passes.

5. Broke Millennial  by Erin Lowry

Broke Millennial  by Erin Lowry Review and Summary
About Author: 

Erin Lowry is the creator of Broke Millennial, Broke Millennial Takes On Investing, and Broke Millennial Talks Money: Scripts, Stories, and Advice to Navigate Awkward Financial Conversations. Her most memorable book was named by MarketWatch as one of the most outstanding cash books of 2017 and by Business Insider as one of the most amazing individual accounting books for 2020. Her subsequent book was named one of the most mind-blowing self-improvement guides for individual budgets by VICE in 2022. Erin's style is frequently depicted as reviving and conversational.

Broke Millennials show those in their twenties and thirties how to deal with their funds so they can quit scratching by and on second thought start to live more unhesitatingly with regard to cash.

Some Key Points

There are 3 lessons I got out of this book

1. Really take a look at your long-lasting relationship with cash to track down the road obstructions in your approach to overseeing it well.

2. Use rates to compute the amount you really want to live and the amount you can save.

3. Try not to cut your charge cards, they are a significant instrument to fabricate a significant history that you'll have to make greater buys.

1. Budgeting Can be as Simple as Finding Fixed Costs

It could seem like your spending goes into numerous classes that are hard to sort out. However, assuming you separate it, there are three things that your cash, by and large, go to:

  • Fixed costs, for example, lease, which ought to make up half of your costs.
  • Monetary objectives, such as putting something aside for another vehicle. Go for the gold your spending plan for these.
  • Adaptable spending on regular things, similar to food which makes up the last 30% of your spending.

I Have Read All The Books And This Is My Ranking Accourndig To My Understanding.
Please Comment If You Want Some Topics.